Weekend Adventure

This weekend I took a mini-vacation. I am moving into my first apartment in a few weeks and was in desperate need of some essentials. So, naturally, we made a trip to IKEA.

An IKEA Store along Alexandra Road in Queensto...
An IKEA Store along Alexandra Road in Queenstown, Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man, do I love that place! shopping + great deals= The bomb. I stocked up on frying pans, bedding, mixing bowls, measuring cups/spoons and other miscellaneous kitchen items. Okay, so now that I think about it my kitchen might be the only well-stocked room in the house… Oh well, I think I will be spending the most time there. Before going to IKEA I just knew we would be making our usual pit-stop at the food area about halfway through (it is a big store, so of course we needed to fuel up.) I brought a ton of food like chick pea sandwiches, apples, blueberries and carrots, but I figured I deserved a treat, however, I didn’t want to gorge on the oh-so-gooey cinnamon rolls that is the Kokx Family Weakness.

My solution? Swedish Meatballs with no sauce and a large apple. I am not a big meat-eater like I have said, but I was in a carnivorous mood. With 150 calories, 9 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein I enjoyed them guilt-free. I also got a non-fat frozen yogurt cone at 130 calories on the way out. Yumm-o! It is 100% possible to still go out and do the things you enjoy without breaking the nutritional bank.

After staying the night at MotorCity Hotel in Detroit, another full day of adventure was ahead. We made a stop at WholeFoods and Trader Joe’s. I could spend hours at these two places. It boggles my mind that Grand Rapids, MI which is a pretty large city (and growing) still does not have either of these!!! It makes me quite sad =[ So I did my best stocking up. I packed some roasted seaweed snacks (I have never had these, I decided to go out on a limb and try something wild.) and Chocolate Batons in my lunch today, both from Trader Joe’s. (the chocolate batons are SO good! I highly suggest them for any chocolate craving!!!)

We finished up our weekend get-away with a stop at the outlet mall. Let me tell you… I made my Dutch ancestors proud, so many great deals! I think I paid over $10 for only one of my items… and it was a whopping $12.50.

If bargain shopping were a sport, I am sure I would go to the Olympics. 

Do you have any suggestions of Trader Joe’s/WholeFoods Items I should put on my shopping list for my next trip? All in-put is appreciated =]

Have a splendid Monday, Everyone!







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