To all of the other college kiddies out there: We made it through the first week in one piece! (hopefully…)

English: The 2011 Michigan State Spartans foot...
English: The 2011 Michigan State Spartans football team offense at home competing against the 2011 Youngstown State Penguins football team defense. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As stressful and hectic as this week was it wrapped up quite nicely. Last night was Michigan State’s first football game of the season. (Go Green!) We played WMU at home and won. Way to go Spartans

After putting in a 7 hour work day on a Saturday I got a good run in before heading home.

So, Joseph and I love cooking together. It is a good way to spend time together while a.) eating an actual meal rather than something out of the microwave b.) a lot cheaper than going out to eat all of the time and c.) pretty fun. He is becoming quite the little chef. (And plus you can’t be dating a dietetics major and be eating hot and ready’s every night…Sorry about it). So far, we have been pretty successful,  no major mess ups…yet.

On the menu tonight was swiss and spinach stuffed tilapia, brussel sprouts and brown rice. Not only was it delicious and nutritious… it was super easy.

We started off with 4 frozen tilapia filets and let them thaw out. While that was happening we mixed 3 (but we should could have done 4) Laughing cow light swiss cheese triangles with some sauteed chopped spinach (we sauteed it with a little salt, pepper, and organic garlic powder) Once thawed we layed out our filets and put a scoop of the cheese/spinach mixture on them then rolled them up into pretty little packages (okay…they we’rent exactly all pretty…some were kinda messy.) We then popped those bad-boys in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes.

While the fish was cooking we steamed our brussel sprouts on the stove top and  made the rice.

I don’t know if it is the fact that I haven’t had fish in a long time or if we should go to Iron Chef, but it tasted amazing. ( I am going with the later of the to =] ) I also love how balanced this meal was. The Tilapia is an awesome source of protein and although it doesn’t pack the omega-3 punch that, say Salmon does, it is still present. The Brussels sprouts have a huge list of health benefits from cancer protection to cholesterol-lowering abilities. The brown rice, which has a much higher nutritional value than white because of the lower amount of processing, filled us up quickly with it’s fiber content.

Here is the finished product! Sorry for the lack of brussel sprouts… we both love them so they were gone before I took the picture… oops.

Swiss and spinach stuffed tilapia

What do ya think of the plate? Designed it myself with inspiration via pinterest! How un-creative would the world be without that site?!

Good thing there was leftovers (we both only ate one filet each.) I have to go to Grand Rapids to work at the hospital the next few  days, but at least I know he will be eating good! (I will turn a blind eye to the HUGE container of cookies his roommate’s mom made for them. They were made of love after-all, right?)

Also, the dish took us less than an hour from start to finish. Totally do-able.

What are some of your favorite healthy and quick meals?

Have a splendid Labor Day Weekend everyone!


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