Heavenly Healthy Peach Parfait

I am a yogurt fanatic. Particularly greek yogurt. I love how it is packed with nutrients, satisfies my hunger and well, tastes delicious. I also love how convenient it can be to pack for on-the-go lunches. What I don’t love so much is how pricey it can be.

For example, when Chobani goes on sale for $1 I get pretty excited because I love it. I get to the yogurt aisle and start filling my cart. What I don’t realize is how quickly $1 things can add up and the next thing I know I am at the check out and the little number on the cash register is a little more than I was expecting.

As a college student I try to cut costs as much as possible. So, how can I keep eating what I like without paying an arm and a leg?

Enter my “Heavenly Healthy Peach Parfait”! You get the sweet fruity flavor of the store bought individual containers plus an added crunch that turns a would-have-been side into a larger, tummy-filling dish for less!

Heavenly Healthy Peach Parfait

  • 2/3 cup plain greek yogurt ($2.50 for a large tub)
  • 1 Peach (diced) ( 88 cents per lb)
  • 1/2 cup bran cereal ($2.50 for a huge box)


First mix the yogurt thoroughly with the entire diced peach then sprinkle the cereal over the mixture.

What I love about this is the serving is pretty large, probably larger than an actual pre-portioned container. Plus it is made fresh for you! Lots of protein and loads of fiber with no unnecessary sugars and other additives. What’s not to love?


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