Time to Tailgate

And so it begins. 

Every Saturday from here on through November is reserved for college football.  I love how campus always seems to become transformed on game day. Tents pop up everywhere, flags are waving, and all you see is a sea of people decked out in green and white. While going to the game is always a blast, sometimes, the build-up of tailgating can be just as good..if not better.

English: Enlightened Spartan Category: Michiga...
English: Enlightened Spartan Category: Michigan State University Category: Michigan State Spartans football 日本語: MSUスパルタン・スタジアム (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was the PERFECT day for a game. It was a cool 65 degrees and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky.

My mom and Tyler’s (my brother-in-law) mom both work in the local school district and came down with a group of 3rd and 4th graders for a little field trip. Joseph and I tagged along and spent some time with the lovely ladies. Yes I did my tailgating with elementary school kids today…don’t judge me!

The whole day ended up being a LOT of fun. We had a yummy lunch (turkey club sandwich and an apple) watched performances by the dance team and cheerleaders, and chaperoned the little ones as they got their faces painted and played on several different style bounce houses (this was actually REALLY entertaining.) To top it off the Michigan State Spartans beat the Youngstown Penguins 55-17. GO GREEN!

As much as I love tailgating and smelling the food as you walk to the stadium, I just can’t help but think of how any thought of nutrition just SOARS out the window during all of the excitement. Now, I am all for some comfort food now and again. We all have those times where we just need to satisfy a craving. And that is perfectly normal. Everything in moderation. (Which I have found is a really hard concept for people to grasp. Everyone just wants food to be black and whitegood and bad…which is it not) Anyways, while food is a key aspect of tailgating it doesn’t mean that you have to consume 3x the amount of calories you need in a day, or eat dishes that have a higher number of grams of fat than you’d like.

It is 100% possible to tailgate the healthy way! I did some digging and found some options that I promise you won’t even realize are “healthified” versions of the classics.

Find your favorite dish from the list below and click on it to go to a site with a healthier option!

What are you waiting for…. Give it a try!

French Onion Dip

Taco Dip

Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs

Potato Skins

Buffalo Wings


Sloppy Joe’s

Jalapeno Poppers

Also, we ran into a man by the name of TOM IZZO. Pretty neat, huh?






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