Pumpkin Addict

I have never had an issue with Monday’s, I never got into the typical crummy mood because the work week was beginning again. On the contrary, I actually like Monday’s, they signal a fresh start.. They were always just another day to me. Today? Well… Today was a different story.

A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem.
A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started my day with my usual 6 am shift at work and could just tell I wasn’t in my usual cheery, morning person mood. (Yes, I am in fact one of those morning people you all probably hate!) No matter how much caffeine I had (which was WAY too much, per usual), I just couldn’t wake up. On top of being tired, my brain was just NOT functioning… Related to the fact it is Monday as evidence by my forgetting to put a cup under my coffee maker.. and forgetting the grinds… there was hot water everywhere… (Do you see what I did there? PES statements are on my mind for some reason…)

Anywhoooo, I knew I needed a little pick-me-up at the end of the day. Which brings me to the present: I am sitting on my living room floor on a pile of pillows, watching Revenge and eating a giant bowl of pumpkin puree.  (An entire can, to be exact.)

I plan on spending the next two months proving my theory that you can live solely on the things made with pumpkin.

I have an actual addiction to pumpkin, I think. Pumpkin everything!!! If you look at my pinboards on pinterest every recipe has pumpkin. (I found a few pumpkin soup/chili, pastas, breads, and cookies… YUM!) If I keep this up I might actually turn orange.  

That, however, is a price I am willing to pay because it is just SO delicious!  I decided to justify my addiction with the fact that it is healthy. (Please note that I am eating 100% pure pumpkin + a little maple syrup… NOT pie filling! Oh, no no.) Besides being my dessert, it is giving me lots of health benefits too!

Here a few reasons to indulge in the season’s finest flavor!

  • Fiber: One cup has 10 g dietary fiber. This will keep you full and provide a good chunk of your daily needs (about 1/3).
  •  Potassium: With about 10% of daily value, one cup of puree can help support digestive health.
  • Iron: 3.4 g iron serves to support a healthy immune system which can keep you from getting sick (A must in the change of seasons!!)
  • Vitamin A : The bright orange color of pumpkin is a dead give-away of the fact that it is stocked with beta carotene. 1 cup of puree has about 1,906 micrograms.  Considering you need about 700-900 micrograms a day, I would day that this is a pretty significant source…Vitamin A contributes to a healthy immune, eyes, bones, teeth.
  • Vitamin E: One cup provides 15% of daily needs and provides benefits such as immune heath as well as  protecting against cell damage and some  diseases such as cancer

In addition, Pumpkin has been linked to reducing inflammation which can lead to cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and arthritis.

What a gem, right? Healthy and oh-so tasty! I really want to try making a pumpkin pie smoothie. Has anyone ever tried making one? I am thinking pumpkin, a little cinnamon, greek yogurt, vanilla and maybe a little apple juice or almond milk. I’ll work out the kinks on that one later.  Also, the other day I made a dip with greek yogurt, pumpkin, and a little vanilla and dipped Annie’s Organic Honey Graham Bunnies into it… sooo good, you must try it. And it is so simple!!  Also, just adding some bran cereal to a mix of yogurt and pumpkin makes it tastes like a legit pie. Drool.

See… Healthy CAN be yummy!

What are your favorite ways to cook with pumpkin?

Mellowcreme pumpkin
Mellowcreme pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(No, no, no… NOT these pumpkins!!!!)

Pumpkins are for more than just carving, Toodles!






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