Sanity, Sunshine, and Sugar

Why does it feel like I am always rushing to get somewhere or hurrying to get something done? Oh, wait, I am in my senior year of undergraduate dietetics. I forgot. So much to do, and so little time! But I must say, props to all of my peers, we are doing awesome juggling everything from internship application, e-board positions, volunteering, part-time jobs and still maintaining a little bit of a social life. Hang in there!!

Keep your chins up! In less than two weeks the majority of us will be in TEXAS! Helloooo FNCE! I am pretty pumped if you couldn’t tell. I miss the warm weather!!

Okay, Okay. Enough of my ranting and aimless blabbering. Let’s get down to business. (Tell me I am not the only one who just thought of Mulan.)

Deutsch: Ein Glas Nutella-Nussnougatcreme
Deutsch: Ein Glas Nutella-Nussnougatcreme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think of when i say the word “NUTELLA“?

Yummy, delicious, sinfully good? Probably.

What is Nutella?

I know most of you know EXACTLY what Nutella is (and have probably been guilty of eating it by the spoon, myself included). For those of you who don’t know: Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread. It is comparable to peanut butter, but less nutty and more chocolatey.

Nutella has become SO very popular in the past few years and doesn’t look to be dying down any time soon. While it is delicious, should we really be consuming it in the quantities that many people are? And should people be having it for breakfast like their slogan states?



The website states that “A balanced breakfast is key to a great start each morning for the entire family, especially children because they are growing and changing everyday. Eating a good breakfast helps with the intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals, especially iron and vitamin C, all essential in a balanced diet.

Now this is all true. But will Nutella help in achieving this?

Let’s look at some facts.

-There are supposedly 94 hazelnuts used per jar of Nutella. Cool, right? Hazelnuts are an awesome source of heart-healthy unsaturated fats, have been attributed to cancer prevention and offer loads of key vitamins and minerals. All positive things.

-There is a whopping 21g of sugar per serving. It is the first ingredient on the nutrition facts label… Red Flag!! This is about the same amount that is in FIVE OREO COOKIES. Would you let your kids eat Oreo’s for breakfast? Didn’t think so.

English: Two regular Oreo cookies. Please chec...
English: Two regular Oreo cookies. Please check my Wikimedia User Gallery for all of my public domain works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Each 2 tablespoon serving packs 200 calories with 110 coming from fat (that is over half!!!)

Here are the complete nutrition facts

I ask you again: Should we be having this for breakfast?

With little fiber and protein, but LOADS of added sugar I would have to say no.

I will give my usual disclaimer that moderation is the best practice and that we should strive to find a healthy balance. (I know you are all probably really sick of hearing me say that…sorry I am not sorry =]  I say it because I love you!) Save this sweet treat for when you need to indulge.. not for your morning fuel.

Here is a quote that sums everything up quite nicely.

“Make no mistake, Nutella is spreadable candy. It is not healthy. Breakfast does not love it. You might love it. But this does not help to make a nutritious breakfast fun, it helps to make a nutritious breakfast non-nutritious”





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