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Halloween Candy Survival Guide

Tis the season of candy corn, fun sized candy bars and caramel apples. As a kid there is nothing better than lugging a pillow case full of candy into the house after a long evening of trick-or-treating. But that was before we cared about nutrition… So what do we do now?

Candy corn and candy pumpkins—one of my f...
Candy corn and candy pumpkins—one of my favorite parts of Halloween. They’re cute and yummy. I hope that others enjoy these shots as much as I do. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween is pretty much a candy free-for-all. All thoughts of diet and nutrition go out the window for many people. I think that the secret to not banishing healthy habits a midst the sea of sugar is choosing the RIGHT kind of candy. I mean come on, it is Halloween, you want to have fun and treat yourself. And you totally deserve it for playing chaperone for your kids and their friends.

So, how does one go about making the right candy choices? Simple. Search for “Damage control candy”.

What is damage control candy? Damage control candy is candy that is low in fat and calories. These candies are often times served in smaller portions as well. (Double score) They might also look more like a toy and less like a candy (tricky, huh?)

Here are some examples of damage control candy that are under 100 calories!

  • lolipops: blowpops(50), dum-dums(51)
  • Gums: chicklets(10), gumballs(20), bubble yum(25)
  • Chewy Candy: skittles(43), jelly beans (41)
  • Hard Candy: sweet tarts(50), smarties(25), hard candy(25)
  • Powdered: pixy sticks(60), pop rocks(35)
  • Sugar free candies: Twizzlers(33)
  • Toy-like candies: Wax bottles(20). Wax lips(15), candy lipstick(20), Candy Buttons(30)

It is okay to indulge a little. It shows you have fun in life! The biggest thing is to keep yourself mindful of how much you are eating. It is too easy to devour the entire pillow case! (But you’re doing your kids a favor by them not eating it…. right? 😉  )

Don’t like any of these options? Here is a great visual of what exactly 100 calories of candy looks like!

Peanut butter cups; 0.95 cups

3 Musketeers; 1.6 fun-size bars

m&m’s; 1.37 fun-size bags

Skittles; 1.67 fun-size bags

Snickers; 1.25 fun-size bars

Peanut m&m’s; 1.1 fun-size bags

Butterfinger; 1 fun-sized bar

Starbursts: 5 Fruit Chews

Milky Way; 1.25 fun-size bars

Candy Corn; 13.5 pieces

My PERSONAL FAVORITE is caramel apple candy corn. IT IS SO GOOD! I absolutely can NOT turn it down. What is your favorite indulgences?





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