English: A meal at a Max hamburger restaurant ...
English: A meal at a Max hamburger restaurant in Visby, Gotland, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Overall I would say that I eat a pretty healthy diet.

(Notice how DIET does not mean food restriction, crazy fads, etc… Everyone has a diet.. a diet is simply....

  1. food and drink regularly provided or consumed
  2. habitual nourishment
  3.  the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason
(you can thank the wonderful merriam-webster for that little english lesson)
While I eat well normally, sometimes, ya’ just gotta splurge. Here comes my favorite topic as you all know… MODERATION! it’s all about a well-rounded, balanced diet.
Yesterday was Sunday. I worked for 7 hours, did homework, studied and didn’t do much else… Once I got out of work I was spent. To prepare for the week ahead (don’t EVEN get me started on my vitamins & minerals exam.. Lordy, Lordy!) Joseph and I decided we needed a little R & R. Pizza (mine was Barbeque Chicken), ice cream, and an old movie. What a perfect end to the weekend and start to the week. And then it happened…..
The food coma
Happens to the best of us. 
English: cupcakes from cake in a cup
English: cupcakes from cake in a cup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, what is the best way to handle a caloric splurge?
  • Don’t fret! You won’t balloon up to a million pounds or get a heart attack from a greasy meal. Always remember it is the overall diet that has an influence on ones health, not a single meal. (you need to eat about an extra 3,500 calories to gain a pound.. that’s most likely much more than your little splurge)
  • Take a mental ‘time-out’. Evaluate the situation. Figure out why you overate.
  • Don’t skip meals! Resume sensible eating. Your body can regulate itself if you listen to it. If you eat a lot one day it may sense that and you may have a lower intake the next. Over time it will even out. If you skip meals your body will think that it is being starved and when you finally do eat it will be so afraid of being starved again that it will binge so that you can store enough energy if it is.
  • Skip the scale. Don’t weight yourself. What is the point? Of course if you eat a large meal you will be heavier. Simple math. What you aren’t taking into account is the amount of water retention, not body fat. There is just no use in a weigh-in.
  • Stick to your normal exercise routine. Marathon workout sessions can cause you to be extra-sore if you are not used to exercising for that long of a time or at such a high intensity. Since your muscles are so sore you may be less inclined to workout for up to several days after that. It is best to just get back into the swing of things.
All-in-all, if you stray from your regular eating pattern, fear not. All is not lost. 
Remember: One healthy meal does not make a healthy diet, nor does one unhealthy ruin a good one.

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