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“Super Eggs” and Unfortunate Events

Who wants to feel better about themselves? Read on.

What a week. I am the queen of bad luck, everyone knows it. It is what I am infamous for. If something can go wrong it will. I am not saying my life is an endless pit of depressing events, more like small little unfortunate things. You know when sometimes something SO absurd happens then you go tell all of your friends and they are shocked too? Well, things like that happen to me a lot. And because of this, no one acts shocked at my stories.

For instance, I was at a concert on Friday. The girl sitting behind me kept spilling beer (Mind you, this was not a wild, crazy concert, more of a sober event.)  and I was just WAITING for her to pour one right on my head. Well, naturally with me it goes one step further from unfortunate… the girl actually threw up.

I hope I just made all of you feel better about yourselves if you were having a bad day. At least this didn’t happen to you! (Note: When I got home and told Carley her exact words were “I am not surprised.”)

Enough of my blabbering. Let’s get into the stuff you are all here for: Food.

Eggs have become a staple in my  diet. Since I am not a fan of meat they provide a lot of my daily protein.

Health Benefits Of Eggs

  • They provide a source of complete protein. This means that they include all 9 essential amino acids (our bodies can’t produce these, so they must be supplied by the diet)
  • A good source of the B vitamin, choline. It is correlated with better neurological function and reduced inflammation. 
  • Another side effect of choline: Happiness. Choline is broken down into bethane. Bathane is part of the production of ‘happiness’ hormones ( serotonin, dopamine, and norephinephrine)
  • They help you look great. How? They contain sulfur which is used to produce collagen and keratin, which help keep your hair shiny, nails strong, and skin glowing.

I usually take some stir-fry type veggies and scramble them with egg whites (The yolk has grossed me out since I was little, I remember always eating right around the little yellow circle of goo)  Anywho. I was on one of my other favorites sites, Pinterest, and kept coming across pins of people adding cottage cheese to an omelette.  I love eggs, and I love cottage cheese. Should be great, right? Wrong.

So, I started off sauteeing some spinach and mushroom to go with my eggs. At this point, all is going well.image

After that I put my 1/4 cup of cottage cheese in the skillet to melt it a little (This seemed odd to me, but it is what all of the recipes said) It kind of got weird and brown (burnt?) Then I added it to my mixed eggs in a bowl, wisked it, and put it back in the pan. As they were cooking they stayed reaaaaally runny. I wanted it to be on solid omelette, but there was no way. I had to scramble them to try to get them to cook.


here is how they turned out. Not horrible, but not great. Fun fact: we don’t have a dining table… So we eat on these super sweet tray tables. go ahead and laugh, it is okay.



Oh! P.S. Don’t mind the smoke alarm on the chair… It went off when I burnt my toast…twice..

Maybe I did something wrong throughout the process. But I was NOT a fan of this new little “Super Eggs” trend. (Note: I did use a whole egg and 2 egg white. Maybe it was the yolk that threw me off? Oh well, I tried expanding my horizons to include theHHi

Does anyone have any success stories with Cottage Cheese Eggs? Failures make good stories too, you can share those as well!



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