Gobble Without the Jiggle

Aaah! Home sweet home!

Even though I come home every other weekend to work at the hospital, coming home for a holiday always feels different. This long weekend started off wonderfully with an amazing dinner at Harmony Brewing Company with my parents and Joseph. We indulged in a couple wood-fired pizzas. We tried the “Good Earth” (Spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions, jarlsberg cheese, balsamic, and fresh basil) and the “Crispy Pig” (Pepperoni, ham, prosciutto, fresh motz, and ye olde fresh basil) The Good Earth was to die for, I loved it. The crust was thick enough so it didn’t flop, but thin enough to cut out some extra calories (In other words.. you don’t feel so bad about eating a few slices ;]  ). I most definitely recommend you all give this place a try.

What are your plans for Turkey Day?

Personally, I am starting the day off by running in  a “Turkey Trot” (Thanksgiving Day running race, just a little 5k to start the day) with my dad and sister. It has become a tradition for us to run together. Families who run together stay together!….the phrase goes something like that…

After that I am off to work at the hospital from 11-7. I really don’t mind though. Someone has got to do it, right? Plus I am one of those weird people who actually LIKE their job, so it all works out.  Because of so many schedule conflicts we are celebrating on Friday with a yummy dinner.

What will you be eating? No idea? Fear not! Here are some yummy dishes that will fill you UP and not OUT!

Sweet Potato Pie

Holiday Stuffed Portabellas

Healthier Green Bean Cassarole

Candy Cane Brownies

Stuffing (Various versions!)

Give on a try and tell me what you think!

Have a GREAT Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!!!








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