Bear Meatballs

English: Wild black bear hunting near the summ...
English: Wild black bear hunting near the summit of Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in the southeastern United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving and got to spend some quality time with loved ones. I certainly did. It is amazing how much we can take for granted. Doesn’t it just feel so good to realize just how blessed you are? Granted, we all have hardships, but at the end of the day there is still so much more to be thankful for. I need to make a conscious effort to be more grateful year-round. It just feels good =]

You know that Turkey Trot I told you about? It went great! It was really cold though.. there were INCHES of snow on the ground. This was the first time in our running tradition (HA. No pun intended!) that this has happened. Despite the biting cold, we had a blast. Here are a few pictures

100_0202        100_0204

So. in September Robert-o (my father AKA the running star pictured above) took a trip to Canada to go bear hunting. He was so excited it was all we heard about for MONTHS (Still love ya, dad!) Now, I always talk about how horrid my luck is. Well, I have always thought that I got it from my Dad, he seems to have horrible luck too. Because of this I kind of didn’t expect him to actually get a bear (Sorry Dad, this had to come out sometime…) BUT he did. On Thanksgiving (actually, we ate our big meal the day after) we had a little non-traditional dish at the dinner table… BEAR MEATBALLS! You probably all are going to think I am a nut case, but they were SO good! I think bear might be at the top of my list when it comes to meat.

Here are a few nutrition tid-bits about bear meat

  • -High in iron
  • -Low in cholesterol
  • -It can be quite high in fat (they need it to keep themselves warm)
  • -There is about 20g of protein in one serving

My favorite part was that it was wild game. Store bought, mass produced meat tends to scare me (unless it is grass-fed, free-range, etc. etc.) The nutrition facts are basically the same for wild and store bought meat, but store bought can contain a lot of hormones and antibiotics. The animals also tend to be grain-fed (which they weren’t actually intended to eat, it is mostly used because it is widely available and will fatten them up quickly).

I really wish I had a picture of them! They were delish. I think I had the most of them out of everyone.. sorry fam, maybe I’ll try to not be such a ball hog next time. I need to invest in a camera, my iPad just isn’t portable enough =[ Does anyone have any good suggestions of a good camera? Preferably not super expensive (I am a college student after all) If anyone needed a Christmas gift idea for me that might be nice… just sayin’  =]

What is the strangest kind of food you have eaten?

Can’t wait to hear your responses!






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