How to Avoid Holiday Party Weight Gain


Tis the season! I have officially started watching Christmas movies and I am loving every minute of it! (You can study AND watch I’ll Be Home For Christmas, right? Wrong! Oopsie…)

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.
English: A bauble on a Christmas tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The holiday season means tons of yummy goodies laying around the house and lavish dinners at holiday parties. While I love the food aspect as much as the next person I think it is important to keep your eating habits in check while enjoying the spirit of the season.

Here are a few tips to help you have the best of both worlds

  • Think before you eat. Opt for low-calorie appetizers such as fruit and veggies or plain shrimp
  • Enjoy special foods. Some foods that are served at holiday parties are not out of the ordinary (think chips, nuts, etc.) Instead of wasting calories on those foods opt for the seasonal goodies like  shrimp appetizers and extravagant cheeses.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “No thank you”. You are in charge of what you put in your body, not other people. Don’t feel pressure to eat something you don’t want to just to please other people (You can politely turn something away. Mind your manners!)
  • Consume alcohol with caution. Liquid calories can add up quickly. (Try this Pumpkin Eggnog in place of the regular stuff that comes in a carton for only 110 calories per cup!)
  • Satisfy that sweet tooth. Don’t deprive yourself! This will only make you want more and is likely to cause a binge. Try a square of dark chocolate (I love Dove Chocolate, they give you such nice notes on the inside of the wrappers too =] It’s the little things in life…)
  • This one could quite possibly be one of the best tips I can give youDON’T STARVE YOURSELF ALL DAY! Some people think that it is best to “stock pile” their daily calories (or for some it could even be a few days worth) for an event. This is NOT a good idea! First of all, you need calories and nutrients for proper body function and by going through periods of starvation you can really throw your body off.  Also, by the time you get to that holiday party you will most likely be ravenous and eat much more than you would have if you had been on a normal eating pattern. Try a small meal high in fiber and protein before heading off to a party. This will help you stay full, but by having it only be a small meal you will still have room for some goodies.

I can’t stop thinking about that pumpkin eggnog! I will most definitely give it a try so be sure to check back for a recipe review!






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