Honey Diet Review

State Fair of Texas 2008, at Fair Park, Dallas...
State Fair of Texas 2008, at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas Honey from Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would spread a little Holiday Cheer with a new layout =]

I hope all of your Thursdays are going fantastically, mine sure is. I am not sure why I am such a good mood, but I am not complaining. I popped right out of bed and started the day with the typical morning rants and ramblings with the lovely Carley Kocks. What a gem she is, she can brighten any day!

Have any of you heard about the “Honey Diet”? I just came across it for the first time today. It comes from a UK author (the article doesn’t list their credentials, which is a major red flag first of all) and the premises of the diet is that natural sugars are healthier than processed sugars. Okay, no argument there. What you are supposed to do is replace all forms of artificial sugars with honey, which is supposed to cut sugar cravings. 

Honey is, in fact, all-natural and does provide some health benefits such as providing minerals (such as iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chlorine, potassium and magnesium), preventing growth of bacteria with its slightly acidic pH, helps prevent GERD (aka Acid Reflux) and many more. While there are benefits of honey it does not by any means possess any “magical weight loss properties“. It is still a simple sugar like table sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup.

The book written about the honey diet recommends a low-carb diet with no added sugars (the only sugars are coming from honey.. Supposedly, but what about fruit? That is my questions…) Cutting back on sugar and processed carbs can be likely to cause weight loss, but it has nothing to do with the honey.

In sum, there is absolutely zero evidence in support of this diet. It is just another fad. It is gaining a lot of momentum because of that fact that it is a spin off on the “Natural Foods” trend (which I am not bashing by any means!) My advice is to not buy into it just because it says “natural” (sometimes we can be suckers for these words)

If you are trying to cut down on processed sugars and carbs try including more fruits in your diet. Fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth while providing other nutrients such as fiber, something that honey does not offer. Fruits give you a lot more bang for your caloric-buck as compared to honey!

For those of you attempting to cut back on added sugars, here are some recipes to satisfy that sugar craving without using added sugars courtesy of our friends over at skinnyms.com 


Strawberry Ice Cream

Berry Parfait

Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Fudge Brownie Bites

Quinoa Protein Bars


How good do those sound??  Give one (or two, or three) a try!






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