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Peanut Butter-Banana Brownies

Hi readers!

We made it, it is finally Friday! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Today was the final day of classes for the fall semester, now it is time for finals, WOOF. I decided that before I buckle down to begin the marathon of studying I would do something fun and stress-free…. BAKE! Baking is really hard when I am at school. First of all, the kitchen in my apartment is the size of a shoe box. Second of all, a lot of times I don’t have the ingredients I need and I don’t have a car to get myself to the store to get them either.

Box mixes are really convenient because you don’t need that many extra ingredients and they can be whipped up pretty quickly, but I HATE using them. I feel like I am cheating. So, today I decided to give my self the challenge of doing a brownie box-mix makeover. I bought a box of mini brownie bite mix for $1 (Thrifty, right? Dutch and proud of it!) from the drug store on my way home from class and let the wheels start turning for the rest of the walk.

When I got home I saw that I had a banana that was pretty brown and needed to be used up. (Actually, I started with three, ate two, but couldn’t fathom eating the third) I really don’t like using oil in recipes and I have substituted applesauce in place of it before but I didn’t have any on hand. Would a mashed banana work the same? I decided to find out.

Here we go.


I started with my 7 oz box of mix, one egg and one banana.


I went ahead and mashed that banana right up until there were no lumps


Then added the egg


Then dumped that bag of mix in there


Stir Stir Stir!!! I ended up adding 1 tbsp of water to the mix because it was a little too thick


licking the bowl was my favorite part…..


I separated the mix evenly into 12 mini-cups. I don’t have my beloved mini-muffin pan in East Lansing, so I had to improvise… Go ahead and laugh, it is okay.

Pop those bad boys into the oven at 350 for about 18-20 minutes.

Once I took them out I still wasn’t wowed.. So I decided to add a little peanut butter drizzle to them. I used PB2 which is a powdered peanut butter that you add water to to make a spread. It has 45 calories per serving compared to the 200 in regular peanut butter and it has around 85% less calories from fat.  “PB2 is made with high quality peanuts that are slow-roasted to our specifications and pressed to remove the oil. All natural with no artificial flavors,sweeteners, or preservatives” (taken from their sites product description). This stuff is fantastic, I strongly suggest you all give it a try! (Note: I used a little more water than what you use to make it peanut butter consistency because I wanted to to flow easily when I piped it onto the brownies)


Ta Da!!! In the end I came out with Peanut butter-Banana brownies. The banana seemed to work pretty well, I could definitely taste that it was in there. The brownies were really fudgey, which I was happy about. All-in-all, they tasted pretty darn good.

Now I know these aren’t  “healthy” but they are a good alternative to the regular box prep method. The original recips has 110 calories and 5.5 grams of fat per brownie and this version has 82 calories and 1.9 grams of fat. Not too shabby.

My mother, sister and aunt are coming down for the MSU craft fair tomorrow so now I have some goodies to share =] Get excited ladies.

PS. One of my articles was published in the State News (Michigan State University newspaper) yesterday. Being published in print is a great feeling!


Have a wonderful weekend!!


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