Restaurant Review: Soup Soon Cafe

The best thing (in my opinion) about the winter is the abundance of craft fairs. I just love them!

From left to right: Me, my mother, and my Aunt Martha
From left to right: Me, my mother, and my Aunt Martha

My mother, Kris (a.k.a. Kris-Cross),  and Aunt Martha came down (we missed you, Wally!)

Fun fact: no one in my family is called by their real name. Wally=Laura, Tiller=Tyler and JoJo (or Ho Ho)=Joseph..and mine.. well… let’s just not go there

Where was I again? Oh yeah, craft fair. So many awesome things there! Since it is a two-day event I made sure to hold back on buying things, let myself sleep on it, and I’ll go back tomorrow and buy what I really need/want. That way I won’t impulse shop (my mother taught me well) I am addicted to silverware jewelry (odd I know, but fitting for me) and they had some really cool stuff so I think I will have to go back to pick some up. (I, like your typical girl, love jewelry and love how this unique type  shows a little bit of my personality at the same time.I have had a spoon ring for about 8 years and I also have a fork bangle bracelet somewhere… maybe I should find that… .)

After the craft fair we went out to lunch at the Soup Spoon Cafe in Lansing. The place was super cute.  They use as many local ingredients as possible and they feature the list on their menu so you can see the places they purchase from. I thought that was really neat and it is comforting to know where your food is coming from, in my opinion.


Soup Spoon Cafe
Soup Spoon Cafe
Inside the Soup Spoon Cafe
Inside the Soup Spoon Cafe

How adorable  are the hanging windows and lights? Lovin’ it

I am so upset I forgot to snap a photo of our food. Yes, I am in fact one of those annoying people who takes pictures of their food at restaurants. But how else am I supposed to give you good insight?  I was just so hungry it didn’t even cross my mind until I realized that I had devoured my entire plate =[ My mother and I split a bowl of the seafood chowder. So creamy and good! Creamy soups tend to be pretty high in fat, so I usually don’t eat them too often, which made it taste that much better. Totally worth it. For the main event I had the grilled shrimp salad (Sweet chili grilled shrimp atop field greens with sun-dried cranberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red onion, croutons and balsamic vinaigrette) and it was divine.  They had a special today on Bloody Mary’s for $3. It counts as a serving of veggies, right? Right. I was  tempted, but had to pass because of the whole studying for finals thing… Bummer.

Basically, I am obsessed with this restaurant. I give it five stars and suggest you all give it a try. You’ll be hooked too!

I would like to also give a big congratulations to my wonderful roommate, Carley Kocks, for taking the LSAT today. You are just one smart little cookie 🙂

Going to a holiday party sometime soon? Take a snapshot of your favorite dish and send it in (E-mail them to colleenkokx@gmail.com) and you just might get featured in a post! Start getting creative in the kitchen or just mooch off of the hosts who are 😉 (Giving them credit, of course!)

I hope you all have time to rest up this weekend (even those of us who have finals! Don’t skimp on that sleep!) Santa  makes time to rest once in a while too =]

Santa Resting


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