Merry Christmas!

Merry (Belated) Christmas! I don’t know about your Holiday, but mine was fantastic. On Christmas Eve I celebrated with Joseph and his family. We did the typical gift exchange, chowed down on yummy food (His sister is a fantastic cook. My favorite was the baked brie and cranberry wrapped up in puff pastry. Delish) and we finished off the night by watching “White Christmas”. This movie is a classic that you should make a point of watching if you haven’t seen it! Christmas morning was celebrated with my family. We had a huge brunch type shin-dig. Smoked salmon, shrimp, roasted artichokes and peppers, egg bake, venison meatballs, lemon & raspberry pastries, fruit, veggies and a little coffee with rum cream (Hey, it’s Christmas!) The family loved the spread and little did they know it didn’t break the caloric bank and also provided lots of nutrients. Win-Win! imageimage What were some of the dishes you served up this year? Here are two of my gifts from this year.


The bottle on the left is a little 8 oz insulated bottle that I got from Joseph. Yay! Now I have something for kefir and juices 🙂 Good to know he pays attention 😉 ALSO. This picture was brought to you by another wonderful gift of his… a new camera!! I still need to figure it out a little bit and get some good editing software, but I am pretty darn excited! Get ready for better pictures! I am pretty lucky girl. 🙂 007 This picture was before I figured it out…sorry about the blur… The bottle on the right is a super cool water bottle that my sister got me. It has a compartment on the bottom that you fill with whatever you want your water infused with. Today I did lemon and clementine (half of each fruit). It was so tasty. This is perfect for me, considering I HATE drinking water (It just doesn’t taste good to me!) What makes this water bottle different from the other infuser ones is that the bottom actually looks like a juicer so you get more flavor as opposed to the fruit just floating there. Overall, it was a great Christmas. On a sadder note…. My brother-in-law got into a car accident last night and he had their adorable little puppy dog, Elly, in the car with him. After the accident Elly got scared and bolted. She has not been seen since. We have been looking nonstop, but haven’t had any luck. The accident was on the North West side of Grand Rapids by Lake Michigan Drive and Wilson. She has been tracked over to the Leonard and Wilson area. If anyone has any information please call 616-644-1814. She is a very shy girl and must be terrified! image


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