Re-think Your Resolution

It is that time of year again.

The question “What is your New Year’s resolution going to be?” seems to be spilling out of everyone’s mouth. My answer is typically “Nothing“. I have never really been into doing new years resolutions. Actually, I have never been much of a New Years person in general. I think it is because there is all of this hype and build up then it just passes and it is a typical day. It never gave me much motivation to make changes in my life. If it does for you, great! Use that motivation to your advantage.

This year,


Let’s look at that word. “Solution” means to solve a problem. “Re” means again. So, you are trying to solve a problem again. Usually it turns in to a cycle (most people don’t stick to resolutions after all) and you continually try to solve and re-solve the same problem(s).

“Lose weight” is one of the most popular resolutions made every year. Like most resolutions, it usually doesn’t stick. A lot of times people just want to look and feel better, you don’t necessarily need to drop pounds to get there. Don’t fixate on the number on the scale. Focus instead on good health.

If you are choosing to make a resolution this coming year try swapping out the typical weight loss with one of these options that will contribute to overall health & wellness.

1. Step away from the screen– Television, computer, video games, etc etc. These can all contribute greatly to a sedentary lifestyle, sleeplessness, anxiety and depression.

2. Get some fresh air– Getting in touch with nature can do wonders for an overloaded mind (let’s face it, in today’s world most of our minds are just that!!) Take simple steps toward this goal by parking your car further away or walking the dog around your neighborhood.

3. Sleep more– This one should be mine!! Sleeping helps you burn fat, decreases stress, improves your immune system and boosts your mood and mental clarity, says Jae Berman, a registered dietician and personal trainer with the Bay Club Company. She says to try adding 15 minutes to your nightly snooze until you reach a full 8-hours.

4. Stop multitasking–  Be attentive to the present. Take the situation at hand  head-on. Try being mindful of your eating. Don’t eat in front of the TV or while checking your e-mail! Research shows that people who practice mindfulness actually weigh less, stress less and smile more. Plus, when you multi-task usually the job isn’t as efficiently done.

5. Try something new– Hot yoga? Ice skating? Cooking class? Give it a try!! Keep trying new things until you find something you love. Then don’t stop!

6. Be better– I could give this one a shot too. Throw perfectionism out the window. Simply try to be better than your previous self. Usually have a bag of chips as a snack? Try an apple. Are you a devoted cough potato? Don’t go signing up for a marathon, start with a quick walk around the block  a few times a week.

Looking back on 2013 the thing that I am most appreciative of is starting this blog. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you to all of my devoted readers for listening to my ramblings!




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