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Carrot Chips

Whenever I eat a lot late at night I never sleep good. I had to work a double that I wasn’t prepared for yesterday so by the time I got home at 8 I was famished. Shortly after my feast I cuddled up in bed (which now has a heated mattress that is DIVINE) and went to sleep. Like clockwork whenever I eat late I woke up at 3:00 AM. I thought that I just turned on Say Yes To The Dress (Wedding planner was 2nd place to Dietitian) and watched that until I fell back asleep at 4:45. I was wrong. I must have been half asleep during that time because this morning when I woke up I had TONS of searches on my computer for veggie chip recipes that I don’t remember doing…. Ok. I think my subconscious was trying to tell me something.


Of course I had to give the recipes a try. So, at 8 am on a Saturday I pre-heated the oven and got going. I think I was still half asleep for the first batch. The chips were all different shapes and sizes, plus I put WAY too much spice on them. I mean, you needed a drink at the ready for these things once you ate them. Needless to say, I had to toss the first batch, a total dud.

For the second I used a vegetable peeler to make thin slices of carrot that would all be the the same size. I just did a strip all the way down the whole length of the carrot then snapped it in half so it wasn’t one super long chip. I decided to just go with sea salt for these ones. I didn’t trust myself with the spices again….

The second batch turned out great! So, I made a third. These chips are kind of tedious to make, but I think they are worth it. They are a super cheap alternative to buying veggie chips (which a lot of times they are secretly fried and short on actual veggies)

Each bag of chips I made is one large carrot sprinkled with sea salt. That’s it. Purse, simple, wholesome veggie goodness!


Facts about carrots (A little education for you!)

  • A medium-size carrot has about 25 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 2 grams of fiber
  • The high level of antioxidants aid in anti-again & cell damage
  • Carotenoids can aid in lowering risk of heart disease
  • Some studies have shown that carrots can help prevent some forms of cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer
  • High intakes of beta-carotene can decrease risk of macular degeneration by 40%


I am excited to have a new snack to tote along with me to class this semester. I will need to do a lot of lunch packing this semester because my schedule is INSANE! One last semester though, I can do it! Insane  schedule or not, I am excited to get back into the swing of things  in East Lansing (today is my last full day at home).

Speaking of East Lansing and the Spartans…. Can you say Rose Bowl?!?!? How exciting!!!!! I sadly had to work during the game (Surprised? Didn’t think so.)

Things I am looking forward to during my last semester as a Spartan Undergrad

  • Being reunited with Carley Kocks & making the most of these next few months
  • Hearing back from(and HOPEFULLY getting) internships
  • Teach a new fitness class, Cycler’s Strength Training, in addition to my cycling classes
  • My Art & Science of Foods Prep class (oh to be back in the kitchen with Dr. Nettles!)
  • Training for the marathon I will be running in May (Check out this training schedule I made last night, I am pretty excited to get it hung up and get training!!)





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