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This or That: Red VS White Wine

After two days of cancelled classes Michigan State courses are back in full-swing today. The extra time off was nice, but I was beginning to get cabin fever pretty badly. I have discovered that there IS such a thing as too much Netflix. Hard to imagine, I know. However, like I said, I did enjoy the extra time to relax.

Speaking of relaxing, it is no secret that I love relaxing with a glass of wine. I personally like the sweet, white wines like mascato. Did you know that there are health benefits to enjoying a glass of wine?

Health Benefits of Wine
(One to two 4oz glasses per day)

  • Life longevity
  • Slows Brain Decline
  • Decreases Risk of Colon Cancer, Diabetes Heart Disease, Heart Attack & Stroke
  • Lowers Risk of Cataracts

So, there is no doubt that wine (in moderation of course) can be beneficial. The questions now is “Does the type of wine you drink matter?”

White Wine

White wines are typically lighter & sweeter than the red varieties. The main health benefit of drinking white wine are that of improved heart health, prevent heart disease and  promote lung health.

Red Wine

Red wine definitely wins the battle of health benefits as they have the same benefits as white and then some. Due to the fact that red wines contain the skin of the grapes they provide an antioxidant called resveratrols which protect blood vessels and can help eliminate blood clots. This type of antioxidant also slows cancer cell growth and improves immune response. Another type of antioxidant present in red wines are polyphenols. Polyphenols are a powerhouse antioxidant because they reduce blood pressure & cholesterol, improve the immune system, reduce cancer cell growth and also protect against bacteria (the bad kind). Lastly, flavanoids are another type of antioxidant present in the red varieties. Like the previous two, flavanoids are also known for their cancer protecting properties.

Quality Over Quantity

Not only does the color of the wine effect the health benefits, but the quality of the wine can also have an impact. So, for instance, if you are drinking a high quality white wine it could potentially have more benefits than a poorly made red wine.

They key here is how MUCH you drink. If you drink too much (that is, more than the moderate amount of one to two 4 oz glasses per day) you could actually INCREASE your risk of various things, such as breast cancer.

What about the bubbly?

Champagne typically has the same benefits as red wine because it is made with both red and white grapes. An added plus? Champagne usually has less calories, about 20 less per serving than wines!

Cheers to the health benefits of wine!!!






2 thoughts on “This or That: Red VS White Wine

  1. Can drinking just a glass of red wine give you a headache? Had a glass of red wine today and ended up with quite the headache. Also would a glass of white wine possibly cause the same effect?


    1. Drinking red wine can cause headaches in some people. The cause for the headaches is unsure. A common misconception is that sulfites in red wine are the cause, but it is just that, a misconception. There is a lot of controversy over what causes the headaches and scientists have yet to find the one, root cause. The medical community seems to be split among tannins, histamines and/or tyramines being the causes. More research needs to be done. Some people find that white wine does not give them headaches, but a small portion say that the white variety still does. It just depends on what is the cause of your headaches. “White and rosé wines will affect a histamine-sensitive person less than red because they have spent less time in contact with grape skins”

      Here are a few sources for you if you are looking for a little more in-depth info


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