Banana Bread Experiment

I am convinced that baking cures all. Now, I like cooking, it makes me feel like I am making sustaining life (i.e. eating) enjoyable and adding excitement to an otherwise routine day. But baking? Now that is just downright comforting. Are baked goods necessary? Nope. Do they bring joy and happiness? They sure do.

Today was the first time that I haven’t been on 12 hours shifts in a while, thank goodness! When I got home after my short & sweet shift I got to take a little cat nap, which was beyond heavenly. My plans for the day consisted of getting back into pajamas (I think pajamas should be the dress-code of Saturday’s) and studying for my MNT (medical nutrition therapy) and Art and Science of Food Prep exams on Monday. After about 30 minutes of reading I couldn’t take it anymore… the kitchen aid was just calling my name!! Let the multi-tasking begin!

There has been a recipe for banana bread that has been passed down from my Great, Great Aunt Bessie. The fact that this is a multiple “Great’s” recipe should tell you how sublime it is. It is my go-to for when I want to bake something that I am 100% sure will turn out. The only problem? It has a stick of butter per loaf. Holy saturated fat… I had wanted to test out some modifications to the recipe for a while and figured today would be the perfect day.

I made 2 loaves of the regular, indulgent stuff and 1 experimental loaf. I decided to cut the butter in half and add 2 heaping tbsp of Greek yogurt in place of the other half. I also cut the sugar in half and substituted the remainder with honey for a more natural profile.

Let’s compare, shall we? On the left is the original; on the right is my rendition.


Bread Comparison




(Nutrient info is based on 12 slices per loaf)

Notice how much the fat content went down. Wowzers.

Now to the important stuff……how did the taste compare? My mother always tells me “no matter how much healthier it is, if it doesn’t taste great people won’t eat it. You shouldn’t be able to tell it is “healthy”.” (Woman of wisdom, she is.) Since I want to open up my own bakery/café one day, I always keep this in mind.

I still liked my Great-great Aunt’s recipe better, but I think that my re-vamped version is on the right path. I did not like the honey substitution. It tasted much too dark and it also changed the consistency. I am going to play around with the sweeteners a little bit more. The butter sub seemed to work, but it is hard to tell because of how much the honey changed it. I am kicking myself for not doing that in the first place, what was I thinking?!

Where to go from here? I think I need to change one thing at a time. I will make a batch with ONLY changing the butter. Then take it from there. That will be much easier to zone in on how changes affect it.

Overall, my adaptation is coming along. I am really happy that I have a starting point for my recipe now. This project has been looming over my head for about a year now. No time like the present!

Want to try creating a lower-fat recipe of one of your favorites? I found this chart that might be helpful to you! Let me know what recipes you are experimenting with, I would love to know how it works out!

Chobani Conversion


On another note… How pathetic is it that I want to take another nap? Don’t judge me.


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