Lent: A Time of Reflection Or Weight Loss?

Well, spring break has come and gone. Even though I put in a full 40 hour work week at the hospital it was still SUCH a nice break from school. I was able to squeeze in lots of time in the kitchen and quite a few hours knitting. That may not sound like a very typical spring break for a senior college student, but what can I say, that it was I enjoy doing. Needless to say, it was pure bliss.

Last week was Fat Tuesday and we already discussed that, but now let’s chat about what happens after that: the lent season.

”Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ – his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection.” (http://christianity.about.com/od/holidaytips/qt/whatislent.htm)

I have lost count of the times that I have heard the words “What are you giving up for lent?” uttered. This question has actually grown to bother me quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the beliefs behind it, but many times I do find myself questioning the motives involved.  For instance, I have found that a lot of people give up things like sugar, “carbs”(in other words: bread… Yeah, don’t get me started there), candy, fast food, sweets, pizza, etc, etc. My questions for those who give these answers is “Why are you doing this?” If you are giving something up something for your own personal gain (most people are shooting for weight loss) is that really, truly what lent is about? Just give it some thought, that is all I am saying.

I have found that lent is commonly used as a means of weight loss and that actually makes me really sad (this goes back to the whole motives thing, I feel like some of the meaning of lent has been lost.)What about taking care of yourself year round? If you truly do feel like you are abusing the gift of your body that god has blessed you with and you want to use lent to start taking care of that gift, that I am all for.

My point is, don’t use lent as a means for a beach bod boot camp. Don’t disrespect someone’s religious beliefs by participating for your own personal gain. If you are choosing to zone in on nutrition this lent season, don’t let it stop after Easter! Keep taking care of that temple of a body after the 40 days are over.

Here is an interesting article that “The Man” (AKA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) sent to me in my daily e-mail: http://www.offalyexpress.ie/news/features/lent-good-for-body-and-soul-1-5915512 It is about cessation of smoking and drinking during the lent season. Take a gander if you feel like it.

Okay, a little huge change of pace here, I wanted to get some input. As you know, my dream is to open up a café & bake shoppe. I was thinking of attending some local farmers markets this summer and selling some of my “heathified” breakfast and energy cookies. (Ps. I made sunflower chip and fruit & nut ones this past week, yay new flavors!) I would be operating under the “cottage law” meaning that you can sell baked goods directly to consumers at places like farmers markets and road side stands. Has anyone ever done something like this before? I would LOVE any tips and tricks!

Sunflower Chip Cookies
Sunflower Chip Cookies
Fruit & Nut Cookies
Fruit & Nut Cookies


I don’t know about where you are, but the weather is DIVINE here in little East Lansing. Be sure to get outside and enjoy it. I actually didn’t mind my 30 minute walk to class today. Enjoy the sunshine, get exercise and learn? Count this girl IN!

Have a fantastic Monday, everyone! Let’s make this week a good one! (Can you tell I am really chipper today? Must be the sunshine.)


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