Kitchen Creativity

I feel like I have been moving 100 miles an hour lately. I have a creative itch that I just can’t scratch! Knit, binge watch project runway, rummage through recipes, repeat. I am bouncing off the walls.  Help!

And then I had an idea…

I have been dying to work on developing a new recipe, I feel like it has been forever. As always, I want to make sure that I make all of you lovely readers happy. Here comes my proposition: I want to you to dictate my recipe!

The basis will be an asparagus salad (I have been salivating over fresh asparagus for weeks now).


What direction would you like my creation to go in? Would you like to see lots of veggies? Herbs? Garlic? Cheese? Crab meat? Maybe some steak?  The options are endless and it is up to YOU!

Leave a comment on what you would like to see in the recipe. I will take all of your ideas into consideration and do my very best to please everyone.

Ready… Set…Go! Start thinking!

Think of me as your own little personal chef.

Chef Colleen is at your service!

Creativity & Chef Colleen


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