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Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies

I am in love… with Washington D.C.

Like I mentioned, Joseph and I ventured off to DC to visit his sister from Thursday to Tuesday. It was SUCH a great time!

Road trip highlights

Visiting Baked & Wired  and eating the most delicious cupcakes ever
Seeing the city from the top of the Washington Monument


Moseying through various neighborhoods with gorgeous town houses and unique boutiques
Jazz in the sculpture park with a pitcher of sangria and a homemade picnic

IMG_0323Attending the DC Beer & Wine Festival
Celebrating Emily’s birthday
Going to a Washington Nationals baseball game (even though I got fried)

Eating some of best food I’ve tasted
Spending 20 hours in a car with Joseph and not wanting to kill each other (Laugh all you want, but that’s an accomplishment!)

It was a jam-packed 6 day full of good times.

While we were exploring one neighborhood we came across a bakery that sold gourmet pop tarts. Neat, huh? I thoughts so. Anywho, we got a few to bring to Jazz in the Sculpture Park for a little sweet treat. One of the flavors was peanut butter bacon. After the first bite I became obsessed with this flavor combo. Genius! First task on the to-do list once I got home? Make something peanut butter and bacon!

Actually though guys… I’m seriously loving this duo. It sounds a little goofy and off the wall, but it’s so unexpectedly great!


The best part? This recipe is light on butter and uses white whole wheat flour and turkey bacon. What does that mean? Even though peanut butter and bacon scream two things :Fat and Calories, these blondies won’t ruin your healthy eating efforts. Sweet, sweet (and salty) success.

[gmc_recipe 1789]


Nutrition info per 1 bar (1/18th recipe)

nutrition info for 18 bars