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Whole Wheat Egg Pop Tarts

You’ve heard it time and time again, it is nothing new: Eating breakfast is important! It is a healthy habit that has plenty of benefits. Let me refresh your memory of a few…

  • Improves concentration
  • Prevent weight gain/aid in weight loss
  • Start your day feeling more energized (bye bye irritability & fatigue!)
  • Better memory
  • Rev up your metabolism

The list goes on and on….

Now you’re probably thinking “Man, those are great benefits I would love to have, but I am so rushed in the morning it will never happen. Oh well.” Well let’s just stop that thought train right in its tracks there, shall we? I’ve got your solution right here.


Whole wheat egg pop tarts! That’s right. A savory, healthy spin on a childhood favorite. These bad boys have whole grains and protein to keep you full all morning long. Make a batch on the weekend for a quick grab & go breakfast during the hectic week. Today is Sunday, you still have time to make some for the upcoming week! Coincidence? I think not

[gmc_recipe 1842]

Nutrition info based on 1 pop tart

nutrition info

You could easily tailor this recipe to include your favorite filling. Spinach, feta and chicken scrambled eggs? Sure. Your favorite fruit preserves? Why not. Whatever your little heart desires that will get you to not skip breakfast. It is OH SO important, we all know that, riiiiight?  “Of course, Colleen!”

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