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Spicy Black Bean Hummus

Happy Monday!

Monday’s usually mean back to work, but this lucky girl somehow got the day off. SCORE. I am pretty happy about it too because I did an EXHAUSTING amount of work yesterday. I worked in the morning then came home and built (from plain ol’ wooden boards) and planted an herb garden. Guys… Gardening is a TON of work and I have such a higher level of respect for people who do it hardcore. Let’s here is for the gardeners out there **Clapping** I will post pictures and instructions on how to build your own later. Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss that post!

On a different note, for the past few weeks months  Joseph has been nagging on me to make some black bean hummus for him. I first made it a few years ago in my college cooking class and brought some over to his apartment for him to taste. His response to my nice gesture? “I hate hummus”. After finally coaxing him into trying it he became oddly obsessed with it. It is what he always requests me to make. Since then I’ve tweaked the recipe and it has become “Joseph’s hummus”. I recently finally gave in and made him a batch. What a nice girlfriend he has, right?! You’re welcome, my dear.


Fun fact: I used a different type of pepper in this batch and he could tell. How meticulous! I thought that was pretty funny.

[gmc_recipe 1867]

I made my own pita chips to go with the hummus. I went simple and bought the pitas, cut them into 8th’s, brushed a little EVOO on them with a dash of sea salt and baked them on a cookie sheet at 350 for about 18 minutes. I really want to try making my own pitas from scratch. It seems so simple! Using yeast just makes me nervous. I am not sure why, maybe because it is alive? Oh well, I will have to get over it because I WILL make them myself! Mark my words y’all.


Nutrition info per 2 tbsp

info per 10 servings (tbsp)

Whip up a batch of this and let me know how it compared to the regular type of hummus made with chick peas. I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Have a fantastical start to your week!