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Strawberry Grilled Cheese French Toast

Happy Winesday Wednesday.

Speaking of wine… I bought this funny light décor sign from Michaels the other day. It made me giggle.


Do you ever have an inkling that your day is about to be lackluster? Well I certainly got that vibe today. It all started when I woke up at 4:30. Normal people would probably roll over and head back to snoozville. I couldn’t. Okay, so maybe I didn’t try very hard, but still, I was wide awake.

I Pinterested my little heart out on my iPad and found some pretty neat project ideas. I now have the itch to repurpose an old piano. I’d really love it if someone could just hire me to make pretty things and yummy food all day. That’s a thing, right??

I either want to make a desk

 desk 2

Desk 1

…or a bar

piano bar 2Piano bar

Most likely I’ll go for the desk. I think I will have to wait until I get my own place to make the bar. I don’t think Bob and Kris would like it much if I crammed a piano into the middle of the dining room. But, I think that would be really neat! Right? Right.

Anywho, back to my lackluster day. I wanted to make that not happen. So, after deciding to do everything in my power to make today fabulous, I needed some breakfast. (Making decisions is exhausting, okay?!? Sheesh.) Breakfast, what a great place to start my happiness efforts.

I (as well as pretty much the rest of the foodie world) have been pretty into off-beat, slightly whacky combinations. Well folks, I’ve got another one for ya today. Don’t judge it till ya’ try it!

Strawberry Grilled Cheese French Toast!


Sweet, savory, and hearty! It’s a nice twist on the typical breakfast & brunch staple food. The mozzarella melted into a creamy, gooey filling that paired impeccably well with the freshness of the strawberries.

[gmc_recipe 1886]

Note: I didn’t really know what to call the assembled bread, cheese and strawberries. Sandwiches? That doesn’t seem quite right to me, but I think that’s what I’m going with. Sure, why not.


Nutrition info per 1”sandwich”


The rest of my day will be filled with mindfully creating a great day. Who’s with me?!