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Grilled Spinach Pizza With A Balsamic Reduction

Harmony Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI has my absolute favorite pizza, “The Good Earth”. Now, their pizzas aren’t like Hot-N-Ready’s. No no no. These gourmet pies are in a league of their own. The Good Earth is loaded with mouth watering flavors, has a crispy thin crust and is a touch sweet. (I may or may not be drooling just describing it…) In addition to the delish pies? The atmosphere is cozy and quaint and they have fantastic beers to go with the good food.

I really wanted to try to re-create this pizza. So I did.

My favorite part of the good earth is the balsamic reduction that is in place of your typical red pizza sauce. I was a little nervous about attempting to make the reduction. Mostly because it sounds hard and intimidating. Guess what? It isn’t! Super simple actually. I fist pumped when it started to reduce and thicken. Embarrassing? Yes. But the feat warranted it.


[gmc_recipe 1946]

I love super thin crust pizzas. Almost to the point of them being a cracker-y crust. If you don’t like quite THAT thin of a crust you could easily sub a regular whole wheat pizza crust for the tortillas and just make one larger pizza to share. The choice is yours. I think that is one of my favorite things about food: The choice is always yours! You are free to change whatever you like about a recipe to tailor it to satisfy your taste buds. Oh, I just love cooking.


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