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Creamy Lemon Bars

Happy Monday! The weather looks like it is going to be just gorgeous today, I can’t wait.

I’ve said it once… I’ll say it again… I’ll say it forever… There is nothing like lemon in the summer time! Sweet and refreshing, ya’ just CAN’T beat it!

Joseph’s sister brought the blogger over at to my attention. What a woman. She has some great recipes most definitely. I saw her recipe (this one is in her cookbook, not on the site) for “Whole Lemon Bars” and knew I had to give it a go. The downfall? There was an awful lot of butter. No fear guys, RD-to-be Colleen to the rescue! I used her recipe as a base and altered it to be more dietitian and healthy-lifestyle friendly. As always, ya’ can’t even tell. It’s like magic. Muahaha.

[gmc_recipe 1990]


I know that using a WHOLE lemon in a recipe sounds kinda scary It isn’t, I promise. Just take a deep breathtoss those slice into the food processor… and turn that bad boy on! Quick, like a band aid!


Nutrition info per bar

nutrition info