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Barbecued Salmon

I apologize for my recent absence from posting. 60 hour work weeks have been the normal for the past few weeks.I am not making any excuses though! My sincere apologies. Some people (especially recently) think I am crazy for working so much, but I actually like it. I like being busy and I like working towards paying off my student loans myself. All of my hard work will pay off one day when I am a successful RD.

Speaking of becoming a RD… Yesterday I realized that my dietetic internship (basically a year of working in different fields of dietetics which qualifies you to take the RD exam) starts in about a month and a half. How have I not realized that it is creeping up so soon?! I got so excited just thinking about it. I will be one step closer to my dream job! Yahooo!

So, yesterday I was miraculously out of work at 2 and had the rest of the day to myself. What a joy!  It was much needed relaxation time too because A. my alarm didn’t go off so I got ready in 10 minutes and booked it out the door to get there on time B. I could hardly keep my eyes open from lack of coffee and lack of sleep and C. the phones in the diet office were not working (i.e. no one in the hospital could call us to order food and they didn’t have our help in choosing what best fit into their specific diet). What a day!

My perfect way to relax? Cook, of course! The dish of choice was barbecued salmon. I have been eyeing a recipe in my Simply In Season cookbook for it. I modified it a little bit to make it more healthful.

[gmc_recipe 2013]

It turned out really good, better than I was expecting actually. I was a little worried about the whole barbecue flavor part. Would it be too subtle? Too overpowering? I was nervous. Well, I kissed the nerves good-bye the minute I tasted it… it was perfect.


I have been doing a lot of strength training lately (my wimpy little limbs were craving a little more definition) so my muscles sure thanked me for this protein-packed dinner.

Nutrition info per fillet

Nutrition info