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Overnight Cinnamon French Toast

Breakfast is my favorite meal. It sets the tone for the whole day, in my opinion. If I have an especially yummy breakfast it makes me happy and that happiness carries on with me during the day. Plus, breakfast foods are just the tastiest kind of food!

I have been seeing SO many recipes for overnight French toast casseroles on pinterest. (Side note: Pinterest will be the DEATH of me! I get in bed and say “Oh, I will just look at a few pins.” Two hours later… still awake.. Oops!) Anyway… what was I talking about? Right, overnight french toast….Awesome idea, right?  What’s not so awesome is usually the fatty, sugary, calorie-laden ingredients that the recipe calls for. Why have I not found a recipe for a HEALTHY version?! Certainly it can’t be that hard of a recipe to make-over. After scrounging for quite a while, I gave up and decided to wing-it and make my own.  


With 10 grams of protein, under 300 calories, and packed with yummy goodness, this recipe is sure to give you a “happiness after-taste” that will stick with you. Yet ANOTHER positive note: Your kitchen will smell amazing as it is baking. Score!



[gmc_recipe 2034]

P.S. I know that sometimes when you think French toast you think you can only have a tiny little slice in order to not over-do it on the calories. Well, with this recipe… you get ONE FOURTH of the pan! Let me tell ya, that is a VERY large, filling amount of French toast. Indulge and BE FULL! Yahooo!

P.S. X2! I went strawberry picking yesterday and made some Cherry-Berry Jam (Cherries, Blackberries and Strawberries), which is what I topped my toast with. I almost DIED when I started picking the berries. IT SMELLED SO GOOD! Strawberries are in peak season right now so go pick your little hearts out!!

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