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Grape & Broccoli Pasta Salad

Oh summertime… The season that is filled with backyard barbecues, gotta love ‘em. Sometimes though, they can stress me out. How could this possibly be, you ask? I really hate showing up to somewhere that I am invited empty handed.  It is a blessing and a curseBlessing because people really love when you show your appreciation… especially through food. Curse because sometimes whipping up a dish means sacrificing sleep and sometimes sanity—Especially when you just CAN’T decide what the perfect thing to bring would be. I have spent HOURS brainstorming the perfect dish—it has to be healthy, yet delicious of course. Call me crazy, but I feel like I am not alone on this one.

For me, the most difficult thing to bring is a side. It could be because I prefer baking (and eating!) sweet, dessert-y things. Or maybe it is because almost every side dish I find calls for mayo—which freaks me out.. Yes, this girl is actually weird-ed out by Mayo.. It is just SO strange. I can’t handle it.

Anywho.. Back to the point. I have solved our issue of what to bring as a side! It’s got fruit, veggies, nuts, lean protein and whole grains. This bad boy packs a punch!


[gmc_recipe 2054]


Nutrition Info per 1.25 Cup

Nutrition info per 1.25 cup one eighth recipe

The parental-units are taking a trip to Maine so I made them a nice big batch to munch on during the drive and the first few days. They are taking the camper and just kind of winging the trip—doing whatever they want, when they want,and  setting up the little pop-up at different camp grounds. Am I jealous? Of course! But someone has got to bring home the bacon! (Ha, perfect saying for this recipe, right?! See… I am funny… sometimes…) Just kidding, they both work very hard and deserve a break.

I hope all of you have a fantastical Monday morning! I am off to try my first hot yoga class. Any tips?! Here’s to hoping I don’t die!