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Zucchini-White Bean Salad For One

Hi Friends!

I don’t know about you, but MAN was August a crazy month for me. I am always sad to see this particular month come to an end because it signals the end of summer. However, this year there is also excitement tied to it. I have begun my dietetic internship! I am less than 10 months away from becoming eligible to become a registered dietitian. How exciting/nerve-wracking/stressful. Time sure does fly.

My “internship” (a year of hands-on work with current RD’s– No it is NOT paid. I actually pay for it. YES it is a full-time 40 hour a week job) is going to be tough. Every minute of the day I have to be attentive, focused, and constantly store every bit of information away into my brain. Let me tell you… that is EXHAUSTING! Whew! The amount of naps I have taken has risen to just about every day… No shame.

So I get home from work at about 5pm on a good day, take a little siesta, workout (if I feel up to it), do a little reviewing/reading and before I know it it is time to start getting ready for bed time. Before crawling into my comfy bed I always try to get my lunch packed for the next day. I love having a good lunch. I feel like it breaks up the day and gives me a little something to look forward to. Like I said, I usually pack my lunches the night before, so that is definitely not the time to whip up a complicated recipe. Here is a recipe that I have created is simple, quick and delicious. Bye-Bye boring lunches!

White bean salad-flowers

[gmc_recipe 2153]

Nutrition info per recipe

Nutrition info per recie

Look at those lovely nutrition facts. The protein and fiber will keep you full throughout the afternoon. I paired this salad with a nice juicy peach and a snack size bag of “Pirate’s Booty”.

white bean salad bowl

As always… delicious and nutritious!

Note: These pictures SUCK. I will be the first to admit it. My computer decided to retire to its grave a few days ago so I am still working out the photo editing kinks on this one. Apologies!