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Sweet N’ Salty Popcorn

I am a snacker. Big time. I can’t go more than a couple hours without eating otherwise I get Cranky– with a capitol C! It’s not pretty. Seriously though, it could be Thanksgiving and I will have had seconds thirds and I will be going back for more after a quick break.

My family has always been popcorn people. We have had this same ancient vintage popcorn popping machine since I can remember. We would always make a giant bowl before every family movie night. (It’s pretty much the only reason that 6-year old Colleen stayed in the room during “The Wizard Of Oz”– that movie terrified me… Those flying monkeys though!)

While family movie nights are not as common due to schedules and general growing up (tear, tear) the love of popcorn hasn’t faded. The Kokx family particularly likes the sweet stuff… kettle corncaramel corn.. chicago style (I may or may not be notorious for picking out all of the caramel in this kind… oopsie…) We like a little sugar.


Today I had a hankering for a new snack. Enter this recipe. It’s super simple and will keep that hanger animal in check between meals.

[gmc_recipe 2202]


The best part of this recipe? You can change the entire flavor of it by changing the type of pudding you use. I think cheesecake with a little bit of caramel drizzled over it just before baking would be divine. Give it a try and tell me what ya’ think!

Nutrition info per 1 cup

Nutrition info per cup w yield of 12

Short Story Time: I just have to share this. The other day I was working at a WIC clinic (I am in my WIC rotation of my dietetic internship) in a different city. We had a while for lunch and I had to get out of the office (I was getting a little cabin fever if you will) I decided to take a walk and came across a thrift shop… where I got 5 cookbooks for $2.39. I just LOVE a good deal! Anywho… Long story short- I’ve had my nose in cookbooks for an unbelievable number of hours lately. To many recipes to try, so little time!