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Pecan Topped Pumpkin Bread

It’s pretty common knowledge that I am a summer-time girl. I love hot weather and feeling the sun on my skin. Well… now that Fall is here it’s time to kiss all of that good-bye for a little while. Bummer. So, it’s obvious I am not a fall fanatic like some people, but there is one thing I am happy about when the leaves start to change: PUMPKIN. Pumpkin flavored anything is just down right delicious. Plus.. it’s a vegetable, so it’s healthy right? Eh…. Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t count that pumpkin spice latte you got at Starbucks this morning as a serving of veggies, but pumpkin CAN be healthy.

I finally got some time to spend in the kitchen this weekend. The time that I have had to devote to cooking has been limited due to the whole dietetic internship thing and working my life away on the weekends to pay for it. (Check this blog post out, it says exactly how I feel about the DI ) When I got home Saturday evening I headed straight for the KitchenAide. The result? This delicious, healthier recipe for pecan-topped pumpkin bread.






[gmc_recipe 2223]

Nutrition Info per slice (1/16th recipe)

nutrition for 16

How good is it you ask? I made it less than 24 hours ago and the loaf is gone…. It was obviously a hit in the Kokx Household…