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Fruit & Nut Sticky Rice


The number of hours I spent interning and working this week. And that is considered a light week! Whew. It doesn’t sound crazy until I do the math… Thankfully I actually really enjoy both my internship and my job, which happen to be at the same place. Maybe I should just live at the hospital? Hey, I’d save money on gas! Okay.. maybe not the greatest idea….

Anywho, it’s just been the usual hustle and bustle that is the life of Grandma Colleen.  Thanks to a supportive family and an amazing boyfriend, I am getting by just fine. I have no idea how Joseph deals with my by choice. No complaints though, he’s a trooper. (who brought me cupcakes during my lunch break)

Lately I’ve been having days where I will get home from work and starting cooking before I even get my coat off. I will be thinking of recipes in my head all day long and by the time I get home I just HAVE to get making them. It’s an addiction. One of the girls at work says I need to go to bakers anonymous. It’s just so stress relieving and the end product is pretty yummy… usually… Let’s not talk about the wheat pie crust I tried to make the other day.. I’ve done it a few times before, but have no idea what I did wrong! It was a dry, chalky mess… I am pretending that never happened… and you should too.

This recipe was created on one of those addiction-driven days. I wanted to make something quick with ingredients that we had in the house (trip to the store? No thank you.) Serve it as a side dish or mix in your choice of protein to give it a little more bulk to be a main dish. The choice is yours.



[gmc_recipe 2275]

Nutrition Info per 1/8th recipe, about ½ cup serving

info for 8 half cup servings



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