Guys… I have a serious problem…

I am in a RUT. And I am talkin’ a pretty bad one.

A. My brain feels fried. Between a full time unpaid job “internship” and about a 25 hr work week on top of that, my creativity is sometimes lacking

B. My time is crunched. By the time I get home from, more often than not, a 12+ hour day, I am pretty much only good for a quick dinner (Oatmeal and eggs have been my go-to since… so sad) and then it’s bed time for this grandma girl.

C. I keep screwing things up!!! The past few recipes I have tried have been failures. Okay more than a few… They aren’t inedible or anything, but I am most definitely NOT impressed with them.

Help! One good recipe. Just one. That’s all I need to get me back in the game and OUT OF THIS RUT! It will happen.

Actually, just writing this I’ve had something come to mind. Thanks for the help!

Due to reasons A, B, and C listed above I’ve had to opt to easier, more reliable things to satisfy my RELENTLESS sweet tooth that has been acting up lately. I thought I’d share a good go-to that I enjoy. I found this on my site that I spend way too much time on (when I have it). That’s right, Good ‘ol Pinterest.

Looking for a healthy but festive dessert idea? Try this one! Raspberries and white or dark chocolate chips--yum!

Take a raspberry and stuff a chocolate chip (or two for those sometimes giant berries) inside it. BOOM. So much easier than melting chocolate.. dipping berries… letting them dry… Ain’t no body got time for that!