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Cinnamon Roll Bread

Good news friends! This girl has broken out of her cooking rut. *insert HUGE sigh of relief here.* Finally! After multiple failed recipes, I finally made one I am proud of. Like I have mentioned before, I won’t post recipes I don’t love or anything that doesn’t turn out to perfection. This one definitely has the Colleen seal of approval.

No oil, no shortening, next to no butter, about 1/2 the sugar of others, only 1 egg, whole wheat… the list of good things about this recipe goes on and on. And it tastes delishhh. Seriously, it was gone in about 24 hours… Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be proud of that considering there are 3 people in my household… Is there a Sweet Tooth gene? I am convinced there is….

Here it is folks.. Cinnamon Roll Bread!


[gmc_recipe 2300]


This loaf of bread is pretty giant. My eyes were the size of saucers when I opened the oven about 45 minutes in and saw how large it was. That being said, the serving sizes ain’t wimpy! No one wants a slice of bread the size of a crumb, let’s be real.

Nutrition info per 1/16th recipe


per sixteen

Have guests coming over for the holidays? This would be perfect to have to nibble on in the morning. It’ll fill you up and not fill you out. That’s dinners job!