Slow Cooker · Soups, salads, and sandwiches · Under 300 calories

Spinach & White Bean Chili

Saturday’s are crock-pot days in my household. And it is such a lifesaver! Sometimes I have to laugh at how regimented Joe and I are. I just really love routine. Using the crock-pot frees up SO much time. I don’t have to think about making time to prep dinner, which on Saturdays is super helpful… Continue reading Spinach & White Bean Chili

Appetizer · Snack · Soups, salads, and sandwiches · Under 100 calories

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Pinwheels

I don’t know how your workplace is, but for me, we are always in the process of coordinating some sort of party/potluck- or at least that’s the way it feels. They’re nice because they break up the work day and give you something to look forward to, but I always feel like I am left… Continue reading Black Bean & Sweet Potato Pinwheels

Breakfast · Protein · Under 300 calories

Cinnamon Oat Waffles

When I opened the waffle maker my sister got my for Christmas I was so excited. It’s a little, red, mini-waffle iron. The fact that it was mini made me even more excited A. mini food is so fun B. you get to eat 4 waffles rather than 1 C. it takes up less storage… Continue reading Cinnamon Oat Waffles

Entree · Poultry · Under 500 calories

Simple Chicken & Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Simple dinners are the key to sanity.  I hear so often “I don’t have time to make dinner” or “I can’t cook”. Having a healthy, home cooked meal doesn’t mean you have to slave over a stove for an hour or two, or require you to be a Julia Child protege. This dinner solves both… Continue reading Simple Chicken & Veggie Sheet Pan Dinner

Sweet Treats · Under 200 calories

Sweet Potato Brownies

It can get so cold and dark here in the mitten during the dreary winter months. I find that the little things throughout the day can make it 10x more exciting. These sweet potato brownie are included in that. For 127 calories per generous sized fudgey, brownie, you can’t beat it. The potatoes take on the cocoa… Continue reading Sweet Potato Brownies

Entree · Exercise · Under 500 calories

Dutch Oven Cornish Hen Meal

If you follow me on instagram you most likely saw this picture that I posted of my New Years Eve adventures: I know, I know, I am a wild child. Whatever.. I am a homebody and I have no shame. Plus I was on-call so I couldn’t get too far. I have seen these cute… Continue reading Dutch Oven Cornish Hen Meal