I’m Colleen, a Registered Dietitian living in the Mid-west state of Michigan. I’m super passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle through food, fitness and mental & emotional wellness. I know that balancing all of those things sounds exhausting and confusing, which is why I am so happy that you’ve found me! It should be easy, enjoyable, and sustainable; leaving you feeling good –not drained.  

I am a lover of all foods- cookies & carrots alike. I believe in intuitive eating and that all foods can have a place in a healthy lifestyle. I think that moderation is key, and that our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. I don’t believe in diets or food rules. I love when my body feels strong and I refuse to let the mirror or scale define my worth.

I share my favorite recipes and lifestyle tips to empower you live a happy, nourished, and healthy life!

Cheers to happy eating and healthy livin’!

 Want to know more about Colleen? Read on!

I am a Michigan native, born and raised in Grand Rapids. I moved to Detroit on a whim for 2 years after completing my dietetic internship with my now fiancé, Joe, but we ultimately moved back to this fabulous city that we call home. Joe and I are parents to Theodore Jefferson Christensen- who is the most adorable tri-color beagle I’ve ever laid eyes on- okay, maybe I am a little biased. Theo is my only child at the time, butI have two hilarious nephews that mean the world to me and always make me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

By day I am a pediatric dietitian specializing in inborn errors of metabolism. I am so thankful to have a job where I can help improve my patients’ quality of life on a daily basis and be able to watch them grow from only days old infants to adults headed to college and beyond.

I have competed in several triathlons, (2) 25k races, and too many 5 and 10k races to count. I am super competitive in nature and am always up for a challenge. That being said, it can be really hard for me to slow down and become “zen”. It’s something I am working on.

In my free time, when I’m not in the kitchen or workin’ on my fitness, you can find me doing some sort of DIY project (I’m the definition of thrifty), reading (self-help are my favorite, no shame!), cleaning (so un-glamorous, but it’s the truth) or attempting to learn something new. As you can probably tell, I never sit still! 

Beyond that I am just a typical woman trying to live her best life. Doesn’t get much more straight forward than that!