Hi, I’m Colleen. I am a registered dietitian from the Mitten State. For my day-job I work at a Children’s hospital in Metro Detroit specializing in Metabolics. Away from the usual 9-5 I am a blogger, fitness fanatic, proud beagle mom and devoted girlfriend to my long time other half, Joe. I also enjoy knitting, sewing, and DIY-ing.

My Past.

I became a dietitian for one simple reason… I really like food. Growing up I was always super athletic and ate whatever I wanted… literally, everything.. And not always usually healthy. (I may or may not have kept a can of frosting in my purse for a snack once..) When I began studying dietetics at Michigan State University I began to realize I had to change my ways, this wasn’t going to work out in the long run. So, I started being a little more careful about what I put into my body. Like I said, I was always a “jock”, so the physical activity part was easy.

I was learning about a subject I loved, training for triathlons and 25k’s, and meeting new friends. Everything was going great until I took it a little too far. I became absorbed in my eating and exercising habits and my social life hit the backburner. After a much needed eye opening swift kick in the behind, I realized I had to change my ways… again. This was tough. Probably the toughest thing I have ever had to do, but I wouldn’t change this period in my life for anything. I am the person I am today because of it, and I am thankful that I am strong enough to discuss such a taboo topic.

My Present.

I am a 20-something young professional. In other words: my life is crazy busy. I have a demanding yet rewarding full-time job, a fantastic boyfriend, and a sweet little 30-lb fur baby, Theo. I have found balance between staying healthy and enjoying life. I know that this is a very difficult feat, which is why I am here to help! I create super simple & quick recipes, scour the grocery store for the best products, and provide tips on how to make leading a healthy lifestyle easy peasy.

My Future.

Let’s be real, I have no idea.. And that is so exciting!