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Banana “Nice” Cream Cupcakes

June 2, 2017….. Seriously?? No complaints here though. I am loving the sunshine and warmth. Feeling the sun on my skin is one of my favorite things, so summertime is an absolute joy! Also one of my favorite things: Summer food. Out with the warm, indulgent dishes of the winter (for the most part- there… Continue reading Banana “Nice” Cream Cupcakes

Snack · Sweet Treats · Under 200 calories

Oatmeal Energy Bites

Snacks are essential in my life. They keep me going throughout the day by giving me a boost of energy between meals. I’m all about the smaller, more frequent meals rather than eating 3 large, square meals, which, personally, leave me feeling too full and in a food coma. Plus, they break up the work… Continue reading Oatmeal Energy Bites

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Chipotle Adobo Black Bean Hummus

Since I got my food process I have been using it almost daily, which is fabulous. What’s not so fabulous is we don’t have enough counter space to keep it out. So that means lugging it in and out of the closet- which is better than up the stairs, where we first kept it. I’ve… Continue reading Chipotle Adobo Black Bean Hummus

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Black Bean & Sweet Potato Pinwheels

I don’t know how your workplace is, but for me, we are always in the process of coordinating some sort of party/potluck- or at least that’s the way it feels. They’re nice because they break up the work day and give you something to look forward to, but I always feel like I am left… Continue reading Black Bean & Sweet Potato Pinwheels

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Why I Love Chia Seeds

If you can’t tell from my recent instagram posts, I am on a chia seed kick. Yes, I am talking about those strange little, did-I-say-that-right, black beads. Not the terra cotta plants. Worth every black speck in your teeth. Here’s why: Omega 3’s These are the “heart healthy fats” you hear about, which may help… Continue reading Why I Love Chia Seeds

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Frosted Chocolate Snack Cake

Chocolate is something you just can’t deny yourself. It’s just wrong. And I will admit that I have been not denying myself like I mad woman all week. Stress, fatigue, it all lead me to the community candy jars at work, usually a good ol’ Charleston Chew does the trick. But when it “does the… Continue reading Frosted Chocolate Snack Cake

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Soft Baked Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares

Hi Friends. Have you reached panic mode about Christmas being next week? ‘Cause I have! Holy moly I have so much to do it’s not funny… I decided to make a lot of my gifts this year because A.) I am a broke intern B.) I am pretty crafty and C.) it’s fun. Well, I… Continue reading Soft Baked Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares