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Banana “Nice” Cream Cupcakes

June 2, 2017….. Seriously?? No complaints here though. I am loving the sunshine and warmth. Feeling the sun on my skin is one of my favorite things, so summertime is an absolute joy! Also one of my favorite things: Summer food. Out with the warm, indulgent dishes of the winter (for the most part- there… Continue reading Banana “Nice” Cream Cupcakes

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Low-Sugar Rhubarb Crisp

It’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year… Rhubarb season! Not only is it delicious, but it signals the start of summer, YAY! Joseph and I were in Grand Rapids this weekend visiting the fam for birthdays and for me to run the River Bank run. We were sitting on his parent’s patio… Continue reading Low-Sugar Rhubarb Crisp

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No-Bake Cookie Oatmeal

Sweet tooth is my middle name, and I have no shame. If cookies were a socially acceptable meal, I would eat them for one… and I know I am not the only one! *Enter Recipe Below* A giant, warm bowl of no-bake cookie….oatmeal? Yup. I have oatmeal nearly every morning. It’s a great course of… Continue reading No-Bake Cookie Oatmeal

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Chickpea Cabbage Stir Fry

I love Meatless Monday. Don’t get me wrong, I am a carnivore all the way, but I love a good plant based meal. Joe and I hopped on this bandwagon when we moved in together, so we are going on about two years of no meat on Monday’s- and I don’t think we’ve cheated once!… Continue reading Chickpea Cabbage Stir Fry

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One Pan Bacon & Green Bean Chicken

My mother (Hi Mom!) recently visited for a little girls time. Of course we were out during the day running around, shopping, and what not. When we got back to our house in the evening it was my favorite time of day- Food Time (Which actually could be- and usually is- any time of the… Continue reading One Pan Bacon & Green Bean Chicken

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Loaded Veggie Hash

When you think hash browns what you do think? Greasy? Starchy? Unhealthy? That doesn’t have to be the case. This recipe for loaded veggie hash browns will give your breakfast the swift kick it needs to go from heavy to healthy. Loaded Veggie Hash Yield: 1 serving Ingredients 1/2 tsp olive oil 1 small potato, washed… Continue reading Loaded Veggie Hash

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Peanut Butter Drizzled Chocolate Waffles

There are few things that I love more than a large plate of decadent breakfast food with a good cup of coffee.  And what if I told you that you could have peanut butter, chocolate, waffles, 20g protein and less than 300 calories all on that plate? Would you be excited? Because that’s what I… Continue reading Peanut Butter Drizzled Chocolate Waffles